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Criminal Defense Related Sites

Alabama  Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

Capital Defense Network 

Mobile Federal Public Defenders

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

National Association of Federal Defenders

National Legal Aid and Defender Association

Office of Defender Services

Paul Raskind's Defender Site

Courts/Detention Facilities

Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts

Middle District Court-State of Alabama

United States Court of Appeals - 11th Circuit

Montgomery County, Alabama - Sheriff's Office


Expert List

Experts Index

Spanish Interpreters (Chart Only)

Social Services List

Alternatives to Incarceration

Treatment Facilities for Women

Treatment Facilities for Men

2015 Halfway House List

Resources for State Court Practice

Administrative Office of Courts - Alabama

Alabama Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Directory

Alabama Department of Corrections

Board of Pardons and Paroles


Federal Rules & Regulations  

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure

Federal Rules of Evidence

United States Code

United States Code of Federal Regulations

U.S. Sentencing Commission


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Federal Bureau of Prisons

U.S. Attorneys' Manual

Other Research Links

American Bar Association

American Bar Association - Criminal Justice Section

Find Law: Internet Legal Resources

Forensic Research Links 

Google Scholar

ISP Contact List for Subpoenas 

Library of Congress

PhoneFinder Site


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